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PHOTOS - 2000s

President James Dale receives the chain of office from retiring president George McCaigue. Also in the picture are Past Presidents Frank Arnold, Louis Boyle, Eddie Carr, Hugh Rice, John Dawson, Ken Forbes and Rotarian Sharon Molloy

Presidential Citation earned by the club from the Rotary International President for demonstrating how Rotary shares its talents, skills, energy and resources in order to create a better world

2007-08 District Governor's Annual Visit
President George McCaigue (2nd right) welcomes District Governor Ray Cosgrave. Also included are Past President John Dawson (left) and Past President Eddie Carr

2007-08 Presidential hand-over
George McCaigue takes over the reins from John Dawson while the President-Elect James Dale looks on.

2006-07 President's Night with guest speaker Lord Eames, the recently retired Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland.
Left: Lord Eames in the centre wife lady Eames; to his right is President John Dawson with his wife Jenny and to his left Vice President George McCaigue and his wife Anne.

District Governor's Visit 10 October 2006
District Governor Howard Caskie is greeted by President John Dawson (left) and Vice President George McCaigue

2006-07 Presidential hand-over
Vice President George McCaigue looks on as Past President Hugh Rice congratulates John Dawson on his second period as President.

2005-06 Presidential Citation awarded to the club for demonstrating excellence and exemplary achievement in Rotary's second century of service through public image initiatives and continued efforts in club, community, vocational and international service

03 March 2006 - 25th Anniversary of Charter
Main guests at the charter dinner (From left, standing, President Eddie Carr, District Governor Martin Molony, Vice President John Dawson, Chairman of Banbridge District Council Jim McElroy, Past President and Founder Member Ralph Bauer, President of the Rotary Club of Newry, Neil Tate, Vice President of the Rotary Club of Renfrew Eddie Williams, President of the Rotary Club of Navan, John Craig. Partners seated from left, Alice Carr, Past President of the Rotary Club of Dublin Central, Alva Hope-Ross, Jenny Dawson, Evelyn McElroy, Ann Bauer, Sue Tate, June Williams, Kathleen Craig. 

Eddie Carr (right) becomes President for the second time and is congratulated by outgoing President Robin Mowbray.

Banbridge is well represented at the 50th anniversary of the Charter of the Rotary Club of Lisburn
From left: Louis Boyle, Billy Ferguson, George McCaigue, Victor Jennett, Robin Mowbray (President), Gordon McNally (RIBI President), John Dawson, Eddie Carr, Ken Forbes, FrankArnold

Presidential Citation awarded to the Rotary Club of Banbridge in recognition of its commitment to alleviate poverty and promote peace and its support of the Family of Rotary through Rotary service

2003-04 - District Governor Frank charters a new Rotary Club in Dingle, County Kerry, and presents the Charter to Founder President Ray Farrell.

2003-04 - District Secretary John Dawson presents the Visitors Book to Founder President Ray Farrell on behalf of the Rotary Club of Banbridge

Banbridge Academy hosts the District Council Meeting, which is the quarterly meeting of Ireland's 74 Rotary clubs (April 03).
From left: Rotarian Raymond Pollock (Headmaster of Banbridge Academy), District Governor Frank Arnold, Eddie Carr (President of the Rotary Club of Banbridge)

July 2004
Immediate Past District Governor Frank Arnold hands over the reins of District 1160 to District Governor Crawford Wilson of the Rotary Club of Antrim.

2003-04 was a big year in the Club’s history as demonstrated by the following photos

On February 10 we were guests of Banbridge District Council, and we had a wonderful evening of Fellowship. The occasion was a mark of respect from the Council to the Rotary Club, having provided the District Governor, Frank Arnold, this Rotary year.
From left:
Seated: First Lady Vianne Arnold, President Eddie Carr, Council Chairperson Cassie McDermott, District Governor frank Arnold
Middle row: Linda Gault, Ann Bauer, Lynette Forbes, Ann McCaigue, Willow Jennett, Millicent Ferguson, Aideen Rice, Louise Bailie, Seamus Doyle
Back row: Nigel Jess, District Secretary John Dawson, Ken Forbes, Ralph Bauer, David Elliott, Louis Boyle, Billy Ferguson, Vice-President Robin Mowbray, Dennis Livingstone,  George McCaigue, Victor Jennett, Hugh Rice, Roland Bailie (Belfast Fortwilliam - Conference Chairman) Frank McQuaid

January 2003-04 on the occasion of a specially arranged “Rotary” Burns Night and the visit to Ireland of the President of Rotary in Britain & Ireland, Brian Stoyel. On Brian’s right is Banbridge President Eddie Carr, and on his left, Grace McNeill (President of RC Carrickfergus) with her husband Brian

Past President Frank Arnold photographed with his wife Vianne. Frank served as our District Governor with Vianne as District 1160's First Lady.

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Taken in the City Hall, Belfast on the evening of the District Governor's Ball (Club members and partners, Rotary Conference 2003)
From lower left: District Governor Frank Arnold and First Lady in District 1160 Vianne Arnold, Elizabeth Jess, Lynette Forbes, Jenny Dawson, Anne McCaigue
Ralph Bauer, Ann Bauer, Eddie Carr (President), Louis Boyle, George McCaigue
John Dawson (District Secretary), Ken Forbes, Eric Elliott, Joanne Elliott, Denise Mowbray
Stanley Wedlock, Millicent Ferguson, Hugh Rice, Belinda Dale, James Dale
George Henning, Billy Ferguson, Susan Henning, Alison Livingstone, Aideen Rice, Brian Minnis, Dennis Livingstone

Also taken in the City Hall, Belfast on the evening of the District Governor's Ball -
Renfrew Rotarians with District Governor Frank Arnold and RIBI President Brian Stoyel at the ball in the City Hall

2003  -  President Louis Boyle with District Governor's Representative Howard Caskie (Left is Margaret Boyle and right is Griete Caskie)

2003  -  President Louis Boyle with his guests at his President's Night
(from left - seated) Past President and Assistant District Secretary John Dawson, Margaret Boyle, President Louis Boyle, District Governor's Representative Howard Caskie and Grieta Caskie
(from left - standing) Past President and District Governor Elect Frank Arnold, Vianne Arnold, Jenny Dawson, Robert Harbinson (Chairman of Newcastle Probus Club), Rosemary Harbinson and Vice President Eddie Carr 

2003  -  District Governor's Representative Howard Caskie presenting Past President Billy Ferguson with his Four Avenues of Service Award (President Louis Boyle looking on)

2003  -  District Governor's Representative Howard Caskie presenting Past President John Dawson with a Paul Harris Fellowship (President Louis Boyle in the background)

2003  -  District Governor's Representative Howard Caskie, Griete Caskie, Jenny Dawson and Past President John Dawson (from left)

2003  -  District Governor Elect Frank Arnold (left) photographed with his wife Vianne and Assistant District Secretary John Dawson

Outgoing President Billy Ferguson congratulates Louis Boyle on becoming President

2002 - Past President Victor Jennett receives his Paul Harris Fellowship from Past District Governor Ambrose Elliott (left) with President Billy Ferguson (right) 

President James Dale hands over responsibility to Hugh Rice as President-Elect Joan Davis looks on

Rev. John Dunlop is the principle guest at this Christmas dinner

Past President Trevor Coffey (left) is the latest member of the 2013-14 District team, having accepted the post of District Extension Officer - joining Past President Gerry McElvogue (right) who is District Membership Services Chair. In the centre is Maria McGilly (Armagh Rotary Club) who is District Vocational Services Chair. Tragically, Trevor passed away (suddenly) in September 2014

Photos from the Rotary Conference Gala Ball in the Titanic Quarters, Belfast (September 2014)

Banbridge Rotary distributes £5,000 to charity organisations    

Past President Jenny Ervine rounded off her year in office with the presentation of cheques for £1000 to Emma Ewings from Macmillan Cancer Support and £200 to Emma Hamilton from Banbridge Gateway Club.

During 2014/15, a total of almost £5,000 was distributed amongst local and worldwide charities including Shelter Box for the earthquake in Nepal, Wind up Radios for Zimbawbe, Kiptulwa Primary School in Kenya, Upper Bann PIPS Suicide Charity and a donation to local man Jake Fisher to help with his volunteering work in Africa.

Jenny said: “The Rotary Club of Banbridge wishes to thank local people for their generosity in contributing to our fundraising during the year. This has allowed us to support an increasing number of local and worldwide charities. It is a great encouragement to know that together with the local community we can make a real difference to the lives of those in difficulty and who need our help.”                 

Click here for photos from Jenny’s President’s Night 2015


2016 Kingspan visit (pitchside)

2016 Kingspan visit (Tour guide with Trevor Robinson and Tom Shields)

2016 Kingspan visit (George McCaigue and Nigel Jess survey the home changing room)

2016 Kingspan visit (Home changing room)

2016 Burns Night was celebrated in style. The guest speaker was Trevor Robinson, Vice Principal of Ballydown School Banbridge, and the piper was Ronnie McDonald of the McDonald Memorial Pipe Band.

December 2018 - Past President Gerry McElvogue providing the entertainment for the residents of Spelga Mews, at a Christmas party hosted by the Rotary Club.

Here Gerry is pictured with a Spelga Mews resident and staff member at the same party.

Outgoing President Gerry hands over to Lynda Shields. Looking on (from left are Nigel Jess, Frank Arnold and Ken Forbes. Nigel and Frank had been presented at Frank’s BBQ with 25-year service certificates from the Rotary President, and Ken received a 35-year service certificate.

More photos from the BBQ

2002 - From left: President Billy Ferguson, Millicent Ferguson, Ambassadorial Scholar Yuko Chiba, Jenny Dawson and Past President John Dawson

2002 - Past President Hugh receiving his Four Avenues of Service award from Past District Governor Ambrose Elliott (left) with President Billy Ferguson (right) 

2002 - President Billy's guests at his President's Night
Seated from left:
Assistant Governor Frank Arnold (Banbridge), President Colin Mathews (Portadown), 2nd Vice-President Louis Boyle, Past District Governor Ambrose Elliott (Portadown), President Billy Ferguson, 1st Vice-President Mary Smyth, President Bill Kee (Dublin Fingal), Past President Donal McAlinden (Newry), President George Cocks (Newcastle Probus Club)
Standing from left:
Vianne Arnold, Trish Mathews, Margaret Boyle, Yuko Chiba (Ambassadorial Scholar, Millicent Ferguson, Berkley Farr, Cora Kee, Margaret McAlinden


From left:
Seated: President Billy Ferguson, District Governor Robert Warren, Assistant Governor Crawford Wilson
Standing: Rotarian Robin Mowbray, Past President John Dawson, Rotarian Dennis Livingstone, Assistant Governor Frank Arnold, Rotarian Raymond Pollock, President-Elect Mary Smyth, Past President Victor Jennett, Rotarian Eddie Carr, 2nd Vice-President Louis Boyle, Past President Hugh Rice

Some of our members captured on 05 March 2002
From left
Floor level: Ken Forbes, Victor Jennett, David Elliott, Billy Ferguson (President), Eddie Carr, Robin Mowbray and Linda Gault
1st step: John Dawson and Louis Boyle
2nd step: Ira Milligan and Brian Devlin
3rd step: Brian Minnis and Trevor Robinson
4th step: Hugh Rice and Raymond Pollock
5th step: Frank Arnold (District Governor Nominee)

President Victor Jennett (right) hands over the reins to Billy Ferguson
Looking on are 1st Vice President Mary Smyth and 2nd Vice President Louis Boyle. Unfortunately Mary has left the area following her marriage and she was not able to take on the role of President after all - our loss was Berkley's gain!

2001 - President Victor Jennett (right) receives the new club banner from Past President John Dawson

2001 - President Victor Jennet with wife willow and daughter Ruth on his right and Past President Billy Ferguson and wife Millicent on his left

2001 - Paul Harris Fellow Sadie Beck with President Victor Jennett (left) and 1st Vice President Billy Ferguson

2001 - Paul Harris Fellow Brendan Byrne with Rotarian Eddie Carr (left) and Founder President Eddie Davidson

2001 - Paul Harris Fellow Ken Forbes with Past District Governor Bertie Shields (left) and District Governor Danny Fay

2001 - Three surprised photographers - Eddie Byrne (2nd left), Tommy Leckey (5th left) and Paul Byrne (2nd right) pictured (from the left) with President Victor Jennett, Chairman of Banbridge Council John Ingram, Past President John Dawson, District Governor Danny Fay and Past President and Assistant District Governor Frank Arnold 
Richard Hodgett  and Michael Cousins were on duty elsewhere on the night the picture was taken but all received a small gift of Irish Linen. Without a doubt almost every good picture on this website was taken by one of these five at some time or another.

2001 - Banbridge Rotarians and members of twin club Renfrew (Scotland) visiting their second Town Hall in one day - earlier it was the City Hall Belfast meeting Mayor Sammy Wilson; here it was Banbridge Council Offices meeting Chairman of Council John Ingram
Seated (from left)
Billy Ferguson, District Governor Danny Fay, Chairman of Council John Ingram, Jonathan Parkins, Barbara Stewart
Middle row (from left)
Frank Arnold, Narindar Singh, Janet McLaughlin, Mary Fay, Isabelle Moran, Pat McCutcheon, June Williams, Marion DeSousa, Cathy Callaghan, Marilyn Parkins, David Stewart, Hugh Rice
Back row (from left)
Paul Singh, Ken Forbes, Eddie Carr, John McLoughlin, Mac DeSousa, Ernie McCutcheon, Steve Callaghan, Tom Moran, Eddie Davidson, Eddie Williams

1980s photos

1990s photos